Black Circle Android phone screen replacement.

Laptop sata port repair

This laptop came to us with a suspected hard drive failure as the laptop failed to detect and therefore boot...

HP motherboard replacement

Xbox 360 DVD drive replacement

Lipo balance charger fixed

This Lipo  balance charger was no longer able to fully charge and balance batteries. We traced the fault to a...

iPad battery replacement

Toshiba random shutdown issues fixed

This Toshiba laptop came to us with continuous random shutdown issues. We diagnosed this with an overheating problem. We serviced the...

HP laptop from Windows Vista to Windows 10 Pro

Successful upgrade of a HP laptop from Windows Vista to Windows 10 Pro.

Motorola Moto G charging port replacement

Xbox One Controller Repair

Here we successfully repaired an Xbox one dual controller charger. We converted  the rear USB mini B port which was...